Did I help when I was kissing you?
ping stones
seems natur
al and it is
but the angle from
hand to water must be
acute the tip of the stone
tilted up just so and the speed
proportional to the stone’s weight the
most pleasing results being widely spaced
hops of five or more and though this isn’t high
on the scale of mortal triumphs I have watched on
a Provincetown beach thirteen skips make a grown man cry"

— Peter Meinke, “Skipping Stones”

Kent Andreasen

Kent Andreasen

*is under 21*

*already has problems with drinking too much*

Kim Kei, Watermedia and oil on paper mounted on panel

Kim KeiWatermedia and oil on paper mounted on panel

"Falling asleep
on the sofa
I hear from a distance
geese on the radio
whetting their beaks
to pass verdict

The mildew grows
in the garden paralysis
a long succession
of minute shocks
I feel the blood
at the roots
of my teeth

As I awake
sudden cardiac
death waves
from the other side
of the abyss"

— W.G. Sebald, “Something in My Ear”

Anne Parker

Anne Parker

"Out of some persistent sense of large-scale ruin, we kept inventing hope."

— Don DeLillo, White Noise

DO HO SUHSeoul Home/Seoul Home/Kanazawa Home, 2012silk, metal armature

Seoul Home/Seoul Home/Kanazawa Home, 2012
silk, metal armature

"Memories are warm from inside, but they also tear you apart."

— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Do Ho SuhBerlin, 2011Polyester fabric

Do Ho Suh
Berlin, 2011
Polyester fabric